Welcome to my personal website. It is mainly aimed at customers and potential customers for my car sales role at Turners Hyundai in Ipswich. However, it will contain information that may be useful to anyone, and all are welcome to use it.

In general, us Car Sales people get a bad press, and in my 25 years plus, I can understand why, the motor trade is still full of people out for a fast sale, with no concern for the customer at all. Thankfully, during my career with four different brands I have always been able to be a little different, and I can promise you if you deal with me, I will always try my hardest to get you the best deal possible, and I will treat you as I expect to be treated myself.

Also, consider this, I own and drive a New Generation i10 which I pay for monthly (I prefer not to take a company car) on a PCP.  I had two different original i10s on the same scheme before that. My partner drives an i30 Diesel Style Nav iX35 SE 1.6 Petrol, we just updated using PCP  I find this extremely useful as it proves I actually like the products I am selling and it means I can give you real information about the cars, for example, what is it like to drive the i10 down to Cornwall from Suffolk, and do 1500 miles in two weeks? I did exactly that in October 2014, or a similar mileage around the Lake District in April 2015, just ask me!

I want you to give me the chance to prove I am genuine and honest in my advice, and this site is part of that commitment, somewhere I can explain things, and answer questions at the time you need them answering, like in the evenings for example. One thing I will never do is pressure you to make a sale, first of all I don’t need to, and more importantly, I would not wish to be pressured myself. If I ever fail in this, please remind me.

These days there are so many different ways to buy your car, it can get confusing. The idea of this site is to give people who are considering a new or pre-owned Hyundai in Ipswich a chance to read information about the best deals, and the essential and desirable extras you can add to your new car. I will also try to explain in simple English the different ways to finance your new car, and the pitfalls to look out for.

If you have any questions, please email Kevin. I try to answer within an hour when possible, even on a Tuesday which is my day off.



Kevin Wright

Sales Executive